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About Womens Guild

How it Started

Our History

The Presbyterian Church , Chapel of Grace Women's Guild was formed after one year of the inception of this church in 2004 with the following members as founding members.
1. Elder Mrs Ogbonnaya.
2. Sis Dorothy Ndukwe. (now Elder)
3. Chief Chidi Otum ( now Ezinne.)
4. Sis Ijeagu Emeaba.
5. Sis Pamela Ise.
6. Sis Jayne Owan
7. Sis Elizabeth Kalu Anya.
Eld (Mrs) Ogbonnaya was the coordinator for a very short period.

The first executive of Women's Guild was elected in office in 2005 with the following officers:
1. Sis Dorothy Ndukwe (now Elder) as the first elected President
2. Chief Chidi Otum (Ezinne) ---the Vice President.
3. Sis Ijeagu Emeaba,-----the Secretary.
4. Sis Jayne Owan---the Financial Secretary.
5. Sis Pamela Ise --the Treasurer.
These elected officers served 3 terms.
In 2011 through the assistance of Rev Ego Mba, a By-law was set up to guide the affairs of Women's Guild.

In 2013, the 2nd executive was elected with the following officers:
1. Sis Ijeagu Emeaba--President.
2. Chief Chidi Otum ---Vice President.
3. Sis Grace Kalu Emeaba----Secretary.
4. Sis Ruby Sampson Dimgba--Financial Secretary.
5. Sis Dorothy Chika Iregbu---Treasurer.
6. Deaconess Margret Nnali---Prayer - Coordinator.

The Present Executive was elected in 2015 with the following officers:
1. Elder Dorothy Ndukwe ---re-elected as the President.
2. Sis Jane Ndem Onyije--Vice President.
3. Sis Lucy Nwosu ---Secretary.
4. Ezinne Vivian Onyije --- Financial Secretary.
5. Sis Onyi Nnali---Treasurer.
6. Deaconess Margret Nnali ------Prayer coordinator.

Women's Guild continues to soar high. Women's Guild contributes to the growth of this church. This we do through contributing to the funding of our new Church Building, Cleanliness and winning souls for God.
Women's Guild continues to support our MCA, Youth, Children's activities/programs.
Women's Guild in our benevolence support our mothers on their first babies with organizing /entertainment of their baby showers.
Women's Guild also look beyond or Church Community through visitation to Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers with non perishable food items, during our Mother's Day activities.
Women's Guild during our 2017 Mother's Day Celebration recognize and presented Awards to 3 honorable members of our church for their dedication to the work of God.
Women's Guild meet on every last Saturday of the month for their deliberations, ministrations, Prayers in the church auditorium or in members homes.

Daughters of Zion------We're unstoppable-----To the Glory of God.


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